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Single Ink is an Indiana based screen printer that offers contract printing and embroidery services to customers across North America.  We are one of the few contract printing shops in Indiana that specializes in Simulated process, water based and discharge contract printing.  We pride ourselves in our attention to detail and handling every order with the upmost importance.  We offer an array of services to our wholesale, brokers, and design houses.  We pride ourselves in superb ScreenPrinting, reliable services, competitive pricing, and our close relationship with our customers.  


We use state of the art ROQ automatic printing presses with capabilities of up to 12 colors.  We normally complete most jobs in less than 7 business days from art approval to shipping.  We can do the job in as little as two days (rush fees may apply).  We offer digital approval quotes and can insert your logos and information in to present to your customers.  When using Single Ink you never have to worry about us trying to contact your customers directly.  Honesty and Trustworthyness are the core of our business to our customers.


If requested we can setup your job and offer a 15 minute window for approval before beginning production.  Additional fees may apply, please mention this when contacting us.



If you or your customer would like to see the final product ahead of production, we can print a sample and ship to you for a charge.


The following is a list of some of our contract printing features

  1. Production capacity of over 6,000 prints per day.

  2. Custom ink mixing – pantone matching is standard and provided at no charge.

  3. up to 12 colors on a almost any garment.  

  4. we specialize in waterbase and discharge inks, but also print on plastisol and specialty inks on request.

  5. Reliable and quick service, complete and total discretion.

  6. Shipping direct from our production site to your customer, we will even ship in your packaging, please call us to make these arrangements.

  7. We will print your garments or help you get the right garment to meet your needs if you prefer.

  8. We offer full finishing services to give you or your customer that perfect, retail ready, product.

  9. All jobs require a Purchase Order. 



Please note that contract printing is reserved for customers who are in the business of reselling or selling printed garments. To see if you qualify please contact us or call 812-877-2220.

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